Trophy Room

While some of the most beautiful and memorable fish I caught have not been the biggest, there is something special about top end fish. We get some quality fish here in Washington and for some species, they are pretty good for anywhere in the world. Due to an unfortunate hard drive crash a couple years ago and the fact that many of my pictures are still on slides, some people and fish that should be on here, are not. As I shoot more photos, convert slides and (hopefully) recover data I will expand this page. Maybe the next picture on here is one of you.


Some of the places and things you see while on the water here, are just, flat spectacular. Hopefully some of these pictures will do some justice, to the incredible natural beauty Washington is blessed with.


While we are always looking for fish, sometimes we see other things.

Family/Kids/Girls Fish Too!

Take a family member fishing! No matter what the age, age difference, gender, or relationship, you just may end up catching a memory that lasts a lifetime.

*Any fish held out of the water was caught at a time, or in a place, where it was legal to do so. Please handle fish with care to insure the future of our resources.

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