Fly Fishing for wild Steelhead and Salmon in the Pacific Northwest is a piscatorial pursuit steeped in the grandest of tradition. The rivers I will be taking you to and guiding you on are renowned throughout the fly fishing world for providing the finest angling for trophy Pacific Steelhead and Salmon. Current healthy seasonal runs of these magnificent fish assure you that your fly will be noticed and you will have the best of opportunities to physically feel the power of these great fish as they put you and your fly rod to the ultimate test.

I am extremely experienced in all fly fishing methods, applications and technique, having learned from many years of practical “on river” experience and the mentor ship of world class fly fisherman. I will gladly convey my knowledge to you and of course I am more than willing to learn from you as well. Whether you are a novice, just learning how to hold a fly rod or a veteran master angler with 50+ years under your belt, I assure you that we will have a very satisfying and rewarding day on the water. If you do not have, or do not want to bring your own equipment, I will be glad to provide a wide range of fly rod combinations for you. Pretty much everything from 4wt 8.5ft outfits on up to two handed 14ft Spey rods ( Fly’s are provided for a nominal fee per each)

Winter Run Steelhead, Summer Run Steelhead and both the Summer and Fall run Chinook/King Salmon, Silver/Coho Salmon and Chum Salmon eagerly take a fly if presented properly. Effective technique ranges from basic high stick nymphing to the classic quartering down stream cast and swing. The character of the water and the type of fly pattern used are the primary criteria for the technique applied, angler preference and aptitude are also a major criteria for the type of water we will fish and technique used.

What To Bring:

  • Boots are a must, hip boots with felt soles are ok, waders with felt soles are preferable. Gloves, light waterproof jacket and polarized sun glasses.
  • Finger nail clippers, 1 extra pair of light wt socks and your camera.
  • Applicable fishing licenses. A Big smile and great attitude
  • Flys: Contact me regarding the most effective patterns for the applicable season and water conditions. I will gladly supply fly’s for a nominal fee

Intrepid Anglers

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Chris Senyohl
Licensed and Insured Washington State Fishing Guide

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